Success at Redmond Arts Festival

The Redmond Arts Festival was a great success for Art For All and for their many talented artists. I personally had a highly enjoyable time helping to run the booth. In fact, the time just seemed to fly by and before I knew it, it was time for us to close up for the night. When I first got there, I took some time to look over the many items we had for sale in our booth. I was definitely impressed with the wonderful variety and the quality of the artwork created by these talented artists. Many of the people who visited our booth were equally impressed. The Art For ALL booth was kept wonderfully busy all day with happy customers who showered the artists with much praise and many purchases.


On Friday Afternoon, I was able to work with three of these amazing artists: Emily, Brittany, and Amberly.  Brittany and Amberly are my daughters and Emily is our very good friend. I soon discovered that Emily is not only a talented artist and photographer, but she is also a gifted sales person. She brought many people over to the booth and she shared many interesting details about the other artists with our customers, which was very helpful. Brittany quietly assisted me as needed, while Amberly greeted customers with a smile and a handshake. I am happy to report that each of these talented young women found success at the festival. Emily sold many of her amazing photography and art cards as well as some of her photography prints. Amberly was able to sell quite a few of her lovely princess cards. Brittany was especially successful as she sold $350 worth of her beautiful beaded bracelets. Everyone was pleased with the results, so plans are now in the works for even more art events in the future.


I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all of the artists who have contributed their time and talents to the success of this event. I would like to thank the organizers and supporters of Art For All for their considerable effort in creating this fantastic opportunity, which allowed so many artists with disabilities to share their talents. I would also like to thank the Redmond Arts Festival for putting on such a wonderful event and for their very kind support.


Lisa Parker